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    This video demonstrates how to Install the Kaltura Capture application. Please mind the application version shown in the video as it has been updated by now. Also, note…
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    Kaltura Media is a tool in the Canvas HTML editor for embedding Kaltura content wherever the Editor is available.This video demonstrates how to embed a Kaltura video…
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    Kaltura Capture is a desktop recording and capture tool for easy creation of videos at home, in the office, on campus, or on the goThis video demonstrates how to get…

Kaltura Products - Walkthrough Videos

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    This is a short walkthrough video on the Kaltura Kaltura Management Console.
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    Kaltura's online virtual classroom solution, Kaltura Meeting provides easy-to-use virtual classrooms purposely built for online instruction. With a click of a…
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    This is a short product walkthrough video on the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths (previously called RAPT)

Virtual Events Walkthrough

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    Let's experience the new Kaltura Event Platform and create our own custom events in minutes.
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    In this video, we will review how to create a new event from your self serve Kaltura Event platform site.
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    In this video, we will review how to set event details of your virtual event in the Kaltura event platform.