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API Essentials Training

A Kaltura Professional Services consultant will provide a session covering the following topic(s):

    This is an entry-level API training, aimed at customers and developers, designed to introduce the trainees to the basic Kaltura terminology and answer the following questions: what are the building blocks of the API (services && actions)? What are the relevant knowledge hubs? What are the Kaltura client libraries and where can they be downloaded from? Why use a client library over pingable URLs? Where and how can the trainee test their own API calls? What is the Kaltura security model? What is the KS and why is it needed? What are the security considerations when generating a KS? What are entries? What is the entry creation process? What are categories? What is custom metadata and why is it needed to overload metadata on the entry level? How can access to entries be limited (access control and scheduling)? How can a large amount of entries be created in minimal time (bulk upload)? How can API calls be stacked together to conserve resources? What is the difference between dynamic thumbnails and thumbnail assets? How can server notifications be used to help the customer with their own integration with the API?
2 hours
Administrators & Users