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Kaltura Extensions for LMS Admin & Config Training

This training session is aimed for system administrators and will cover Moodle, Canvas, D2L by Brightspace, and Blackboard Extensions. Learn how to navigate the Kaltura Application Framework admin page for Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard LMS integrations as a system administrator. Gain insights on how to organize and manage users & groups permissions, configure and customize the video tools in your integration in a single intuitive interface.

  • Webinars are open for new and existing customers.
  • To join session, user authentication is required. Please contact your Kaltura representative (Customer Success Manager or Project Manager) for the login password.
  • Before joining the webinar, please check your System Requirements and perform a Quick Tech Check. 
  • To register the webinar, please refer to the US Calendar / EMEA Calendar.
Up to 2 hours
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