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How to manage a gallery from MediaSpace

In this video, we will review how to manage a gallery as a manager.

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How to Create and Edit a Channel Playlist

In this video, I'll demonstrate how to create a channel playlist. Creating a channel playlist will allow you to organize your channel content for your viewers to view in one page based on a…

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How To Create A Video Quiz

In this video, we will review how to add a quiz from your Mediaspace instance.

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How to Specify the Order of your Mediaspace Galleries

In this video, I'll demonstrate how to specify the order of MediaSpace galleries.

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How to Set Shared Repository

Shared repository is a shared media repository channel for specific users who have permissions to contribute and publish content based on user entitlement.

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How To Join Kaltura Meetings via MediaSpace

In this video, we will review how to launch Kaltura Meetings live rooms via your MediaSpace Video Portal.

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How to set Email Notifications

In this video we will overview the KMS Admin Email Notifications module.

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How to use the Channel Subscription

In this video we will demonstrate how you can subscribe to a channel in order to receive E-mail notifications for newly added content.

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How to Collect Customer Care Logs

In this video we will share with you how to get prompt resolution for a technical issue by collecting the most relevant logs.

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How to Update the IDP Settings

This video demonstrates how to update your authentication Idp setting in the MediaSpace admin page. Created by: Eitan Lvovski Title: Senior Director, Solution Architect, Professional Services.

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How to Prevent Users from Editing and Deleting Published Media

This video demonstrates how to prevent users from editing and deleting media that was already published to galleries or channels. Created by: Anastasia Zeltser Title: Technical Trainer, Enterprise…

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How to Enable the Kaltura Hotspot Feature

This video demonstrates how to enable the Kaltura hotspot feature to be used outside of the Kaltura MediaSpace portal Created by: Matan Friedman Title: Senior Technical Trainer, Enterprise and…

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How to View My Published Content Across all Applications

In this video we will demonstrates how to expose published content across other applications for end users to be aware of while they manage their content in My Media.

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How to disable the mute playback on auto play

This video demonstrates how to disable, at the player level, the mute playback element when the player is set to auto play. UI variables : 1. key : autoPlayFallbackToMute value : false 2.…

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How to Add Your Logo to Kaltura MediaSpace

This video demonstrates how to update your MediaSpace portal to show your school / company logo instead on plain text or the Kaltura logo. Created by: Tal Binder Title: Technical Trainer,…

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How to View Your Scheduled Recording in Kaltura Classroom Recorder

This video demonstrates how to view and control your schedule in Kaltura classroom via the scheduling tab. Recordings can be scheduled and start automatically, allowing a hands-free experience in the…

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