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How to Enable Live Broadcasting For Kaltura Classroom

In this video I will demonstrate how to enable the live broadcasting capability for Kaltura Classroom also known as Lecture Capture.

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Creating a Lecture Capture Live Broadcast

In this video I will demonstrate how to create a Lecture Capture live broadcast.

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How to Enable and Configure the Monitoring Dashboard

This video demonstrates how to enable and configure the Monitoring Dashboard for your Classroom Installation.

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How to Configure RecScheduling Module

This video focuses on the RecScheduling configuration within the applications admin page.

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How to Install the Kaltura Classroom And Enable Authentication Settings

When the Authentication feature is installed , The Classroom application allows the end user to login directly to My-Media repository and assure that recording will be uploaded to their private…

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How to Configure your Input Settings

This Video will assist you on setting all required inputs to be recorded for your Classroom recording tool.

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Kaltura Classroom Walkthrough

Get a quick introduction to Kaltura Lecture Capture. Kaltura Lecture Capture is an exciting new way to manage all your lecture recordings from any course capture device, from the smallest classes to…

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How to View Your Scheduled Recording in Kaltura Classroom Recorder

This video demonstrates how to view and control your schedule in Kaltura classroom via the scheduling tab. Recordings can be scheduled and start automatically, allowing a hands-free experience in…

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Getting Started with Scheduling Recording

This video demonstrates how to get started with scheduling recordings in Kaltura Classroom. Note that your screen might be slightly different due to version changes.

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How to Create and Manage Scheduled Recordings

This video demonstrates how to create and manage scheduled recordings.Please note, that in order for users to create events, users must be granted permission to do so by their administrator, which…

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Getting Started with Kaltura Classroom Application

This video demonstrates how to get started with the Kaltura Classroom application. Kaltura Lecture Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a…

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How to Create an Ad-Hoc Recording

This video demonstrates how to create an ad-hoc recording. Kaltura Classroom is very simple and intuitive to use. The application allows you to quickly get started and easily record classes in all…

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